Voice Recordings, Mixing & Mastering

Our Recording Services

At Spitfire Music, we are a creative hub committed to providing bespoke services to various recording artists and music producers in Melbourne. We are committed to providing an innovative space that can spur others to create impressive results for music production. One of the services that we provide to ensure that our client can have the best experience is voice recordings, vocal mixing, and mastering.

Our commitment is to ensure that we can provide the artist with the best experience possible. Precisely, our commitment remains to guarantee an unmatched experience. We provide support as these artists look towards understanding their styles and goals. We also commit to ensuring that they can understand what influences their music. We believe that the combination of these factors allows our clients to get the best result. So, we commit our time and resources to ensure that we put everything in place that allows you to achieve this.  

One thing that distinguishes our service offering is our commitment to a personal approach to dealing with our clients. In case you are already used to a transactional approach, when you decide to choose us, be ready for a change in approach. We are your support buddy with a full commitment to ensuring things go your way. When you choose us, you hardly have anything to worry about.

With us, you can bank on getting a professional track that you can maximise. Yes, you don’t have to worry about coming back to enjoy your professional track. You get it in one day. It is not only professional, but it is also radio-worthy. This way, you can get the right to have others listen to it.

We offer you a 3-hour recording session. This session is comprehensive as it offers you vocal mixing and vocal recording in addition to the Wav/Mp3 instrumental. You can also request mastering services though at an affordable cost. Our in-house engineer will be available to help you fine-tune your creative output. 

Why You Should Choose Us
In case you are wondering why you should choose us, here are some reasons we are the best option for you.
We Are Affordable

One of the reasons you should maximise our services at Spitfire Music is our services’ affordability. We are committed to ensuring that you receive value at the lowest possible cost. So, to get that great music production, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank anymore. You can now get access to it while enjoying your financial convenience. 

We Possess Industry-Leading Gears

Another thing that you can bank on us to deliver is getting industry-leading gears. These gears are important for you to get the best result. At Spitfire Music, we guarantee this and ensure that you can get the best result. 

We are Experienced

Another thing that you can count on us to bring to the table is experience. We possess considerable experience that allows us to provide adept help as you run through the creative process. So, with us, you don’t have to worry about anything. We place you in the best position possible.

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