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Spitfire Music

Our studio stands in the heart of Melbourne. Over the years, it has stood as a home to lots of Melbourne's exciting talents. A wide range of recording artists and songwriters have enjoyed our studio's comfort and continue to do so. Today, if you are looking for a creative haven in Melbourne, our studio at Spitfire Music is the one for you.
Voice Recordings, Mixing & Mastering
At Spitfire Music, we are a creative hub committed to providing bespoke services to various recording artists and music producers in Melbourne. We are committed to providing an innovative space that can spur others to create impressive results for music production. One of the services that we provide to ensure that our client can have the best experience is voice recordings, vocal mixing, and mastering.
Original Song Composition
Every day, thousands of songs get produce across the world with their release on various digital platforms. This number is so considerable, bringing to light the importance of music in our society. With over 1.2 million songs released per month, you can't afford to be part of the rest. You'll need to stand out with your writing. This is where we come in. We offer songwriting services that allow you to cut through the noise of other competitors.
Young man recording music, playing guitar and singing at home
We are not just available to help you with the process of getting the best results when it comes to music. We also offer a wide range of other services to ensure that you are placed in the best possible position to achieve the result. Our lessons are not only immersive; they are also designed to teach all that is needed in the shortest possible time.
Music band during cd recording in studio
Getting the best experience is no result of a mistake. Instead, it is due to our conscious effort to ensure that everything goes to plan when it comes to providing you with a safe place for your creative activities. One of the things that we prioritise and ensures that we can achieve this is our team. We place a significant premium on our team and ensure that they are always in the best state to deliver value to you.
Young soung engineer working and mixing music indoors in the studio
Gear & Hire
When it comes to music production, an important part of the whole experience involves having the best gear. The best gears are important to ensure that you can get the best result. Even more, in case you didn't know, having the best gear is simply non-negotiable. We understand this at Spitfire Music. This is why we boast industry-leading and state-of-the-art gears when it comes to music production.
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